Many people are kind enough to donate money to Charity and then never know for sure how that donation was spent. PAC gives people the opportunity to see exactly where their donated money goes – face to face.

Your donation to the POVERTY ALLEVIATION CAMBODIA (PAC) is an effective long-term investment in building the world without hunger – where children grow up healthy and strong, families can lift themselves out of poverty, and nations can prosper.

PAC relies solely on voluntary contributions to fund our lifesaving programs. Depending on your designation, your gift helps people left without food after disasters, provides hungry schoolchildren with much-needed energy to learn, and creates or rebuilds livelihoods across the globe.

Every dollar you had donated to PAC, it goes directly to matching our programs and services! Program support is carefully managed and we are committed to integrity and transparency.
PAC ensures that 100% of your contribution benefits the children we serve.

1-5% For administration

2-5% For Fundraising (included fee transferring from abroad to Cambodia)

3-90% For Program