Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Vision and Mission

1. To solidify brotherhood, support and communication among Pakistani community.
2. Bridge bilateral brotherhood between Khmer and Pakistani communities.
3. To offer solutions for community issues by mutual cooperation.
4. To exhibit true culture and civilization of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
5. To elevate and develope the soft and productive Image of Pakistan by our positive actions .
6. To cater the recreational needs of community by organizing sports and leisurely activities.
7. To provide patronage for the creation and publication of constructive literature.
8 . Organizing trade events and exhibitions. etc
9. To Organize a seminars,workshops and training programs for the Business opportunities and healthy society
10. Exchange business & investment delegation and visitors.
11. To Facilitate Cambodian Business Community and investors to invest in a profitable sectors in Pakistan
12. Increase interaction and contacts with Cambodia trade organizations.
13. Encourage people-to-people contact and cultural relationship between the two countries.
14. PAC To Guide new Member in about Rules ,Laws and constitution of Cambodia
15. Guide members for enhance their Business Activity.
16. Guide Community about Visa Issue & PAC tries to update about Cambodian Laws especially about visa and work permit issues.
17. stronge coordination with Pakistan embassy for maximum benifits of both country and community.
18. Support Business Pakistani Community
19. PAC will always be ready to guide and support for all legal activates, any illegal activities will not be entertained.
20. PAC never support to any illegal activity by Pakistani community.
21. PAC wouldn’t involve in personal disputes like family issue
22. PAC has foremost responsibility to control the illegal immigration ,like human trafficking .
23. PAC would warmly welcome to our dignitaries and to our National hero’s.
24. PAC would develop a mutual relationships with a international organizations like Oxfam, unicef Food health program Red cross , with the collaboration of Pakistan Embassy .
25. PAC is always available for the betterment of Pakistani Community through mutual understanding

The manifesto is really a great initiative which captures the current consciousness, the current consensus and indeed expectations of a wide segment of society in terms of the kind of world, the kind of societies that we would like to live in.”

Pakistan Association Cambodia


Pakistan Association Cambodia (PAC) is a non-profit Pakistan Community Development Association, founded in the year 2022 and supported by it’s All General Pakistan Community !


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